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I added another zero. *shot*

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Stolen from :iconcandy-dantel:

1. What are your nickname/s?
- Most people use my real name, and some people call me Squirrel. :lmao: Please don't. ^^;

2. Are there any nicknames you wish people called you?
- Alice. But it'd be awkward and I wouldn't get used to it.

3. If you had to be stuck at one age for the rest of your life, how old would you be?
- 14-16. Somewhere there. OTL

4. What colour clothes do you like best?
- Blue or black.

5. If you had a pet cactus, what would you name him/her?
- July. I had a balloon named July though.

6. Your most-hated movie?
- Either Batman & Robin or The Last Airbender. Didn't watch either though. But if it has to be a movie I watched, then Batman Forever, because Batnipples.

7. What do you think of 3D movies?
- If the plot is nice, then I like it. ; u ; Well, no, it really depends on a lot of things. They're mostly okay, though I admit I miss 2D stuff.

8. Ever get motion sickness? (car, boat, aeroplane, elevator, etc)
- Yes. :iconorzplz:

9. So, your thoughts on elevators?
- Awkward. I use the elevator everyday... OTL

10. Have you ever Role Played?
- No. ^^;

11. What's your favourite public holiday? (Birthdays don't count)
- Christmas.

12. Best season of the year for you?
- There are no seasons here. D:

13. Do you ever want to go to Antarctica?
- I used to want to, I think. Now I don't. :lmao:

14. Have you ever had to stay in hospital overnight?
- Yeah, for a whole week. D:

15. Glasses: attractive, or a turnoff?
- They're okay, although I used to not like people with glasses. :lmao: Not personally. Just... idk, I found glasses weird.

16. What kind of job do you respect the most? (Fire-fighters, doctors, people in the army, etc)
- Army people... at least in the context of leaving their families for that.

17. Do you have a favourite flower?
- Daffodils.

18. Now for a manly question: do you enjoy driving? (Or think you will when you're able)
- I don't know how to drive. ; u ;

19. What's one thing you never leave home without?
- Hankie... >_>

20. Batman. Sure, he saves lives and has a famous comic and all, but he has as many superpowers as you or I. Do you think he really counts as a superhero?
- Yes.

21. If you could become one pokemon, which one would it be?
- I've always wanted to be a Jigglypuff. ^^;

22. Write one thing about yourself you wouldn't tell your parents.
- I had a crush on my physics prof. :iconblushplz:

23. What do you think of when I say FIRE?
- "Gah." D:

24. What country would you like to visit right now?
- US, mostly to buy Young Justice stuff. Other than that... Hong Kong, I guess.

25. Do you think you'll ever end up in jail at some point in your life?
- Um... no? Hopefully not. :lmao:

26. Do you have/plan to get any tattoos or piercings?
- I have pierced ears.

27. How many pets do you have?
- My sister has two cats and they're kind of also mine? Idk.

28. What's your thoughts on OCs? (Original characters)
- As long as they're not Mary Sues, they're probably okay.

29. If you were in a position of power, what's the first thing you would do?
- Everyone will be a pillow. *A*

30. List three turn-ons for you:
- Idk. Niceness? Nice smile. Nice eyes. Wow, I'm so good at describing these. Uhh... cheesiness? Idk. :iconorzplz:

31. Now list three sure-fire turn-offs:
- Douchebaggery. Douchebaggy friends (and not saying/doing anything about it). Inability to be fluffy.

32. Do you have any favourite faces to use online?
- OTL isn't a face, so... :lmao:

33. Do you like trampolines?
- I've never even seen one before. o.O

34. If you saw a shooting star, would you wish on it?
- I did once... it... well, it's worth another shot, I guess.

35. If you had a novel published, what would the title be?
- Paper Cranes.

36. What do you think of photos of yourself?
- I am an awkward child. D:

37. When was the last time you saw the sun rise?
- A long time ago. I don't really make time to watch it when I'm still/already awake at the time.

38. So, what do you think of memes like this? Any reason in particular you take these?
- I used to love wasting time with these... now I just miss them, but... idk.

39. There's only one female smurf. How do you think they reproduce?
- They don't.

41. Take a quick look at your fridge. What's on it right now?
- Nothing. OTL

42. Who has it easier: boys, or girls?
- Neither. Both have their own difficulties.

43. What's do you think the meaning of life is?
- Philo shiz.

44. Which is better: pirates or ninjas?
- Pirates.

45. If you could change your hair colour, what would it be?
- Strawberry blonde, pink or blue.

46. How'd your first day at school go? Anything interesting happen?
- I don't remember. :iconorzplz:

47. What's the best kind of chocolate?
- Belgian chocolate. *A*

48. Do you think you'll ever try drugs in your life?
- Probably not.

49. How are you sitting while you type this? Comfortable?
- Legs crossed in a weird way. Not really that comfy. ; A ;

50. Do you believe in ghosts, or any of the paranormal?
- No.

51. What's your favourite insult to call people?
- Uhh... I prolly have lots. :lmao:

52. Do you have any phobias or fears?
- Caterpillars, worms... uhh...

53. Who's your favourite family member?
- Wtf? I'm not choosing. D:

54. How much money's in your wallet right now?
- No idea. ^^;

55. Mention some of the best memories you've ever had at school?
- My 18th birthday. ; u ;

56. What's your sleeping pattern like? Anything you'd change?
- I sleep late... I really should sleep earlier...

57. What's wrong with the next generation?
- Everything. Jk, they're all in such a hurry to grow up.

58. How many tabs and windows do you have open right now?
- Lots of tabs... OTL

59. Is there any particular costume/cosplay you'd like to wear?
- >_>

60. When something goes wrong, who's the first person you blame?
- Uhh... Edward Elric. *shot*

61. What's your favourite musical instrument?
- Err... I don't know. ^^;

62. If you could make one animal extinct, which one would it be? Why do they deserve it?
- Humans.

63. Is the glass half empty, or half full?
- The glass doesn't exist.

64. What do you have as your wallpaper right now?
- Hans Arlens.

65. Have you ever cross-dressed?
- No.

66. Which is more fun: being short, or tall?
- Being short. 8D

67. Do you have any guilty pleasures?
- Lots, prolly. ^^;

68. What's the last trading card game you played?
- Never played.

69. Are sixty-nine jokes still funny?
- No. :/



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